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How Does It Feel Being A Batch Leader For A Week – Insights OF HMA

by Visnu

In HM Aerospace batch leader is one of the duty every cadet never want to be appointed. You will get tired mentally and physically.The batch leader is selected based on their progress test marks, if you do well you will be appointed for the following week.

Here what a batch leader supposed to do

Starting from morning,

The batch leader has to be at the parade before his batchmate’s and start taking attendance and report it to the parade commander


That’s me taking attendance.

After parade he has to go to the ground school get the first lesson attendance and report to the Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor Capt Rana before 8:12 am & after break at 1:42pm. If you are later than 8:12am/1:42pm , the batch leader will be terminated from duty, given a warning letter and a new batch leader will be appointed immediately.

The hardest part of all is when your batchmates take their own sweet time to attend the class.

Discipline Reminders A Batch Leader Have To Take Note of His Fellow Mates:

  1. Be punctual
  2. Be Properly Turned Out
  3. Clean Shaved Daily
  4. Proper Behavior & Attitude when the instructor is not around
  5. Obey Rules & Regulation

The batch leader should ensure all his batch cadets arrive at the class in time as per the program and report the class to the appropriate instructors before every session of class. Then obtain instructor’s signatures and submit the completed form to the ground school department.


Attendance Sheet

After every class the batch leaders job is to make sure the curtains are open and the projector is set to standby mode. The whiteboard should be filled up with the subject in progress, date and the instructors name and also should make sure the whiteboards are perfectly clean. If the boards are not clean the instructors will loose their temper and will provoke by telling that ” YOU ARE UNFIT TO BECOME A BATCH LEADER!! “. But luckily during my period of duty everything was smooth.


HMA have a norm of having progress test after every sub topic. So the batch leader duty is to book the exam hall & prepare before the instructor comes in

He should make sure that the air-conditioners are fully working & cold, all lights are turned on, answers sheets are enough for all the cadets. In HMA every student is given a number based on the attendance sheet. So the batch leader has to distribute each exam paper based on the numbers written on the exam paper. The cadets are not allowed to mark or write on the exam paper and if you are found to do so, you will be automatically given a “0”. After the test he has to collect them and arrange them in ascending order.

Eventhough the test are all objective, HMA Instructors will request you to write why/what/how you get that answer. If your explanation is wrong but answer is correct, the answer is considered wrong. They don’t believe in mugging up as “They are here to train professional pilots”.


Exam Hall 2

Last but not least is answering call from the school. Cadets Have to respond to the ground school call. No response when a call is made will lead to a serious disciplinary breach.

Challenges as a batch leader:

  1. Projector doesn’t turn on
  2. Marker Pen out of ink
  3. Too much sunlight in the classroom
  4. Not reporting on time
  5. Batch mates coming late for class
  6. Number of Cadets dont equal to the number of phone collected because  we are not allowed to keep the phones with us during lessons.
  7. Batchmate’s not shaved properly

But thank god I made my duty perfectly……huhu

Personally I feel that batch leader is a huge responsibility and not everyone will be able carry it out smoothly. I find it interesting and actually hoping that I wont be selected till phase 3…Hehe

Exaggerated a bit for blogging purpose
Unfortunately was batch leader again & also radioman from

4/2/2019- 8/2/2019


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Visnu Rathinam November 9, 2018 - 11:39 pm

Thanks mate

Anonymous November 10, 2018 - 12:04 am

All the best dude. Such a great person with incredible personality and strength.

Visnu Rathinam November 10, 2018 - 12:05 am


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