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AirAsia Cadet Pilot Interview 2017

by Visnu


Notice: Starting 2019 the selection process will not be same as below

Hi guys before I tell you about my assessments. Firstly you should know that I am a 2016 SPM Student which I used my SPM results in 2017 to apply for this Cadetship. I have no any family members or background from an airline industry so this is all my effort and my passion. (Sorry In Advance If There Is Error In My English)

How I Applied?

It was April 4th I was scrolling down the Facebook posts and saw one of my friend shared a post regarding this Cadetship. At first I wasnt really interested to apply. As I know Air Asia’s recruitment is one of the hardest but still I applied for it.

I applied using my SPM Result:

Thats me and my twin bro…was featured in paper for scoring straight As together

At the end of this post I Have attached a link for your preparation. Which is fully sufficient for your preparation. All the links and past interview questions

I received an email immediately stating that they have received the application and in the process of reviewing my qualification against their current requirement.

See here for the requirements:

I was pretty sure that I had no problem with their requirements, and exactly after one week of waiting I received an email from the recruitment team to get ready for the Entrance Exam which is the Stage 1.

If I am not mistaken, Out of 7500 Candidates,  approximately 150 Cadets were selected. So Its not easy but it all depends on your credibility.

The whole recruitment process consist of 5 Stages:

Stage 1:  – Entry Exam
Stage 2: – Harrison Assesment
Stage 3: – Panel Interview
Stage 4: – Psychometric & Psycho-motor test
Stage 5: – Loan Briefing & Medical Test

STAGE 1– Entrance Exam

This is the stage where most of the candidates are kicked out.Its a written exam for four subjects Maths, Physics, and English(MUET).So for English, it is actually a muet paper where you will given three passages and you have to answer based on the passages, this part is known as “Reading” in MUET test. I find it was tricky because I was confused between false and not stated but dont worry all the test are MCQ( Multiple choice Questions) and for the second paper was Physics , it was just basics where you have to do calculations. Just go thru form 4 syllabus and you will find it easy and for those who left SPM long ago I would suggest for you guys to get a physics book . It was easy because the paper was mostly “Simple Physics” Eg: Bernoulli, Pascal Principle, Density and few calculations but no formulas will be given. So for the last paper was Mathematics, and for this test you are not allowed to use calculator…So Be prepared to do mental calculation. Personally I felt English was the HARDEST and after one week of waiting I received an email from Air Asia saying that I passed Stage 1 and to get prepared for Stage 2 which was the Harrison assessment ( HA).Last But not least, the passing mark for all these papers are 75%(Based On The Email).

[easy-image-collage id=1476]

18 May 2017 Morning Sessions 8:00AM Waiting…………………………….

STAGE 2– Harrison Assessment (HA)

This stage is the part where they will analyse or identify your character whether you are suitable to be a pilot or not . This is a computer based test and for the preparation there’s nothing much. JUST BE YOURSELF. As soon I reached AACE We were brought to a room where you can see rows of computers and you will be given a id and password to login. In this test you will be given few phrases . For an example: “I love driving” “I like to do jobs that involves the usage of my hand” “I like working on computers” etc. You have to rearrange the phrases that are related to you on the top and rest put it at the bottom. Different phrases of the same meaning will be given so do not CHEAT. The system will know and it will repeat. This session last for about 20-30 Minutes. Just follow the instructions given by the invigilators and it was easy. So the key is, be truthful and don’t challenge  (AI). So after two weeks of boredom I received and email stating that I have been shortlisted for the interview. This was the most exciteful moment.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-05 at 6.28.40 PM

The Main Entrance- 2nd June 2017  cc:tan

STAGE 3– Panel Interview

Personally I think this was the hardest part. Where you will be interviewed by 3 interviewers a captain and 2 HR or 2 Captains and 1 HR. Its all based on your luck. So for this stage if you already have knowledge on the Air Asia and Avionics itself then its fine but if you are a newbie I would suggest you to do a full research about this company Eg: CEO’s. Subsidiary Companies, Fleets, Destinations, Latest routes, Call Signs, and etc. Also do some research on latest aviation news because I was questioned on that. So I gained some tips from the previous cadets from an online forum Called “FLYLA” ( The thread has been deleted) but in my opinion the interviewers question you based on your introduction and your personal background. So from this FLYLA  forum I get to know a really friendly and helpful guy, Tan 18 from Johor ( Also Known As Turtles). So most of the time I would throw some questions to him and he would do the same to me and we learned most of it by mistake and had a lot of fun during the preparation.The funny part was both of us learned to draw the air-frame(Structures Of An Aircraft) from the day one and the bad news was the panels did not tell us to draw.

This is his blog, So feel free to read it and his is much more interesting and fun to read:

Turtlesflytoo-By Tan ( Click Here)

Previous Batch Cadet

Yusry’s Interview Experience (Click Here)

We had a wonderful Whatsapp group where we generously shared a wealth of invaluable information, which I can assure you, proved incredibly beneficial. Our enthusiasm for preparation might have even bordered on excess, yet this approach, albeit thorough, is far preferable to facing the interview unprepared. Such interviews introduce you to fellow candidates, some of whom unfortunately didn’t invest as much effort, and a few merely attended for the sake of gaining experience, ultimately without success.

Allow me to offer a piece of advice – honesty is key. The interviewers possess a keen ability to discern authenticity. While I jest about pulse-detection devices in chairs, it’s your body language and facial expressions that truly convey your truthfulness. Exuding confidence is paramount, considering their knack for evoking responses.

My questions were mostly technical & hard:

Introduce Yourself
Destination (listed about 35)
Fleets and Difference
Rudder Aileron
Why is landing gear retracted after take off?
Can an airplane fly without retracting its landing gears
What is the latest weather that affected Air Asia ( Screwed This Part)
How far news is important to a pilot?
Who are the partners of Tony Fernandez
Which AA subsidiary company operates A321NEO ( Tricky Question ,The Ans: None)
What do you know about AA
How AA operates
Difference Between Engines(Airbus)
How Reciprocating Engine Works ( In Detail )
How Gas Turbine Engine Works ( In Detail )
Explain how the NEO engine is Fuel Efficient
What is the function of ECAM and the further procedures
Air Asia Main Aircraft and Fleets
Type Of Engine Used and their Differences
Situation about Engine Failure
How would You handle stress
Why do you want to be a pilot?
How far Air Asia have Succeeded?

AA= Air Asia Berhad

You might think that these questions are pretty hard for my level, So the key is just be prepared and answer but if you don’t know just say so and don’t try to be a smart ass.

I was able to answer all the questions perfectly except the news part. So don’t take it easy, this interview is not like what is similar to JPA or MARA Scholarship interview. It is one of the hardest selection around the globe.

My interview lasted about 40-45 minutes but I felt like it was about 10-15 minutes. NERVOUS!!!

These are the top 3 books I read for an extra knowledge for my interview. I also told them I read this books which showed my enthusiasm . I also read 4 more books which I prefer to keep it private and confidential to avoid third party problems.


  • Wear Whites & Ties ( Not necessary to be Red tie)
  • Tuck In your shirt
  • Prepare Resume Neatly
  • Greet them and give a big smile
  • Don’t argue back
  • Sleep early the night before ( No Panda Eyes)
  • Re-check your documents
  • Practice a good introduction about yourself ( Make It Short & Simple)

So exactly on the same day , I received an email from Air Asia to get prepared for my Stage 4. At this period I felt like it was a dream.


Hehehe- Thats me(Left) with other candidates  (Adam & Afiq)- 25 August 2017


So after going thru the first three stages this is the stage where your skills are tested and out of 3000++ people who were interviewed only 200+ candidates made it thru. QCT stands for Quantitative& Critical Thinking where you have to do calculations within a given period of time. These tests will be done on a computer again and with a small briefing by the captain itself. This is basically a school level maths where you have to do simultaneous equation calculations within a given time . So after a number of wrong answers the system will stop automatically. So the more the number of questions you succeed the harder it gets and the longer you will be in the room. So the longer the better. And after completing QCT you will be directed into another room where your motor skills are tested. Here you will be given a joystick, a pair of headset, a keyboard and a number pad, and a screen with a PFD( Primary Flight Display).


A simple idea on how it looks.But it has an altimeter and a heading scale.

So here it goes, you have to do multiple task at once:

  1. You have to maintain the purple cross around the center of the display
  2. A sequence of  number will be played in your headset so you have to press 3 for 3 consecutive odd numbers or press 2 for 3 consecutive even numbers on the joystick.
  3. You will also given two sets of 6 digit numbers and you have to memorize it until the test pauses by itself and prompts you to key in the numbers.
  4. A 3×3 square tiles will be next to the PFD. So when one of the tiles illuminates you will required to press the corresponding tile by using the number pad.

That’s what you will see at AACE  & next to it is mine.

So all in all, you will be given 2 minutes to practice before the real test (10 Minutes)


  1. If you are right handed control the joystick with your right hand
  2. Number pad on your left hand
  3. I memorized the 2 sets of number by saying it repeatedly along the test until it pauses by itself.

I felt it was not hard because I subscribed to One of the online test and got a Logitech 3D pro Joystick and had a lots of time practicing on it. So as I used to say be prepared. So after another two weeks of waiting, I received an email that I have been selected and will proceed for Loan Briefing  & Medical Checkup.

Softwares: Downloads (check here)

Stage 5– Loan Briefing & Medical Checkup

In this stage we were prompted to do a DCA Class 1 medical checkup at Air Asia’s panel Clinic ( Medi-Utama Shah Alam) and also a full eye checkup at THONEH. We were given discounts for the fee since we are under Air Asia Berhad.

DCA Class 1

Thats my DCA Class 1 Medical Certificate.

Loan Briefing will be given at AACE by one of the Maybank Agents. It is based on the cadet whether they want to be self sponsored, partially sponsored, or fully sponsored and also the bonding with Air Asia is 10 years if I am not mistaken. So after your 18 months training at the flying school and another 6 months type rating you are ready to fly as a junior first officer. So my advice be prepared, and be confident and don’t go for it for the sake of experience, high pay or for the uniform.

[easy-image-collage id=1478]

This is the day where I received my Letter Of Offer(LO) and food/drinks were provided by Air Asia. Thank you Air Asia.

9 October 2017

If you want it, strive for it and work hard, finally it will pay off. Do what you love and stop listening to what people say. Jealousy happens but ignorance is the greatest solve for it.

Currently I am studying in Kedah Matriculation and waiting for my intake to flying school.So wish me well, I hope it will be helpful, please pray for me  and leave some comments behind and feel free to contact me. Contacts

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