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Malaysia Airline Cadet Pilot Interview 2019 | Cadet Lewis

by Visnu


I applied for MAG Cadet Pilot 3 days before Christmas in 2018. First time applicants will be required to create a new profile in the success factor webpage. Do remember to prepare your Curriculum Vitae ( not Resume, there’s quite a lot of template available in Google Docs ) before you start your application. They will process your application in the sequence of the date you applied (irrelevant of your educational background eg. SPM , Diploma or Degree ), so the earlier you apply for it , the earlier you will receive the invitation email for Stage 1.
Tips for Application : Apply later if you need some tips for Stage 1 as those who went earlier for the stages might share their experience in the Telegram group.

Stage 1 ( Assessment Test )

Stage 1 invitation email was sent out for the first batch right after they closed the application ( approx. 1 month of waiting ). The assessment was quite easy for recent school leavers, as for those who took SPM ten thousandddd years ago, do prepare for it beforehand as you will only be given 1 week of preparation time after you received your email. You will be tested on SPM Physics, English, and Mathematics. The assessment consist of 30 objective questions to be answered within ~30 minutes and the questions were way below SPM level ( simple and direct ), if you did well in SPM you would basically smash through the first stage. 
They eliminated about 90% of the candidates in first stage ( from ~2000 initially down to ~200 ) as they’re unable to occupy thousands of humans in the interview ( next stage ). The passing mark was based on the overall performance of candidates taking the exam.
Tips for Assessment Test :
  1. -Physics ( Focus on related chapters eg. Forces, Electricity, Power ).
  1. -English ( Idiomssssssss ).
  1. -Mathematics ( They took some of their cognitive questions from the internet ).
  1. -Manage your time well, skip the question first if you find it hard. 
  1. -Be Punctual. There was a candidate who came just after they closed the door, guess what happened to him? Sir Andy chased him out xD

Stage 2 ( Interview )

This stage would probably be the worst nightmare for most candidates. Print out at least 4 copies of your documents and bring along your powerbank  ( Prepare for an 8 hours stay ). After reporting to the HR team, they divided us into two sessions ( morning & afternoon ). For those who are currently working, you can request for an early session. Since I was in the afternoon session, I went down to cafeteria and this is where I met my cadet buddies ( Kelvin, Jack, Kean Choon ). We exchanged notes and had a discussion about our future planning. It’s very important to help each other out ( don’t be selfish ) and make yourself some friends which could be your future colleague. After having lunch in the cafeteria, we went back to the auditorium. Interviewers for the day were Capt Rohaizan, Sir Yoska and Captain Khairul. Candidates will be randomly assigned into one of the 3 rooms and called in one by one. While my name was called, I went out to have a talk with my friend, Jack who went in before me. They rescheduled my interview session and ‘LUCKILY’ out of ~40 candidates I were the last 2 homosapiens being interviewed ( along with Faiz ). The interviewers were friendly, and the questions were based on what I included in my CV. Throughout my interview, they tried their best to trap me with my own answers and some technical questions was given from the Captain. There was a moment when the interviewers gave me a question, “What would you do if Malaysia Airlines doesn’t offer cadet Programmes anymore” , “I would try my best to get into Air Asia. After learning everything that they’ve got, I would transfer into Malaysia Airlines and serve here as a pilot.” Surprisingly my answer made them burst into laughters while tapping the table as a sign of approval xD. Gladly, the day ended well, and I had a very nice sleep. I received my email in the next evening..
Tips for Interview :
  • Search for some common interview questions in the internet
  • Prepare your CV and introduction well, the early stage of your interview will be based on what you presented to them.
  • Don’t be nervous. The steadier you are, the better you will do.
  • Think twice before you speak. ( Don’t trap yourself )
  • Don’t lie. One of my friend was disqualified the moment his interviewers found out he lied.
  • Be humble. If you try to show off…the captain will let you know who’s the real boss.

Stage 3 ( Psychometric test )

In the previous intake, this stage was done at home with the given link. Unfortunately, someone cheated so we were required to attend the stage in the given venue ( somewhere near KLIA, we took grab together and had a nice chat along the journey ). You will be required to bring along your own laptop or Ipad ( make sure the battery can last over 2 hours ) along with scrap papers. It’ll be better if you can use your own data instead of their crappy unstable Wifi. After instructions were given, candidates started the assessment by clicking the link provided in the email. This assessment consist of 5 different sections. Before each section starts, you will be given a sample question to try out so that you can have a brief idea about the test. Except for the personality test which was not timed, the entire assessment session will require candidates to answer as much question as possible within a time frame. After the test is completed, MAB will receive a report stating your personality traits ( google search emergenetics and have a read at their brochure ). There’ll not be a passing marks on this test and finishing all questions doesn’t mean anything ( You have to be fast and ACCURATE ). It’s all up to MAB team to evaluate your report and select the candidates that they think are eligible to be their pilot. Some candidates tried to purchase the software online, I personally don’t recommend it as it will cost you a lot and won’t help much. Unless you know exactly what MAB wants and received proper training from Emergenetics to evaluate their report.
-Motivators : Somewhat similar to the Harrison test but instead, you rate the given statement with 5 grades ( Strongly Agree, Agree, No Opinion, Disagree, Strongly Disagree )
Eg. Do you like spending your time with your family ( Strongly Agree )
Tips for Motivators : 
Be yourself.
-Attention to Details ( 30 questions in 2 minutes ): 3 sets of 9 digit numbers will be given to you and you’ll have to identify if the sets of numbers are individually unique or contain duplicated pairs.
  1. Eg. 293491057 293491057 293481057 ( Duplicate , since the first 2 sets are the same )
  1. Eg. 924372981 924372931 924372631 ( Unique , since each numbers are different )
Tips for Attention to Details : 
Don’t ever try to read the numbers out in your mind. It won’t help and will cost your time. Scan through and you will get the answer.
-Business Spelling : Just like what we did in our primary school english test, you’ll have to determine if the given word is in the correct spelling, if no, corrections should be made. 
Eg. Assesment ( Wrong : Assessment )
Tips for Business Spelling : 
Search for list of common misspellings
-Verbal Comprehension : This section was hard as hell, few levels above MUET. After reading a sentence you’re required to choose the synonym of the word underlined. There’s nothing much you can do other than reading more books.
Tips for Verbal Comprehension : 
Good Luck.
-Real-Time Problem Solving : 15 minutes, 20 cognitive maths questions, 30 emails ( some of the emails are questions related to the previous emails given ). Yes, two things at once. The webpage will be divided into 4 parts, top left ( Maths question ), bottom left ( Answer options for the selected maths question ), top right ( Mail box ), bottom right ( Email content or Answer options for the selected email, depending on the email you selected is a statement or question )
Tips for Real-Time Problem Solving : 
-Bring your labtop instead of iPad, the screen of iPad is way toooo small for this. 
-Search for some cognitive questions and practice more. 
-Don’t try to complete all the maths questions first. Instead, do two things at the same time.

Stage 4 ( Psychomotor )

I was so excited about this stage that I started preparing for it since first stage. At that time, I was still studying in Johor so I basically have to travel up to KL each time I want to practice for the simulator. I did about 13 hours with En. Zahir, 2 hours at G Flight Experience, 3 hours at Sky Sim and 2 hours at Flight Experience KL ( huge thanks to Faiz ). Out of all the simulator that I’ve experienced, I would say Flight Experience KL has the best facility BUT 4 hours with En.Zahir and another 2 hours in any simulator should’ve given you enough preparation. Brief your instructor on what you’re going to face in the psychomotor test, they’ll try their best to help you. For our batch, we received our email 18 hours just before the exam ( 3.30pm…LoL ). I was enjoying my evening nap in my comforter and out of a sudden I have to stuff everything into my luggage and rush back to KL. The simulator was located somewhere around Subang Airport, I opted for public transport so I took LRT to Damansara Ara. One of the train broke down and my Grab driver was unable to locate my pickup point ( ill-fated ). Thanks God Captain Rohaizan was in good mood and didn’t chase me out even though I was late for more than 15 minutes. Candidates were separated into two groups, one will be doing the test with Captain Rohaizan in ATR72 simulator and another group was assessed by Captain Khairul in the B737-400 simulator. I was assigned to the B737-400 simulator which was in faulty condition. Candidates will be tested on ability to follow the FD while maintaining the turn coordinator using the rudder. When it was my turn, I walked into the simulator with a thought in my mind, “This s**t is going to end, this time it’ll either be Yes or Yes”. Sitting in the simulator, Captain Khairul gave me some warm up before starting the test. I did manage to react well for all the 5 attempts but I was scolded by Captain Khairul for looking at him during the test. He stopped the test and requested my full attention on the PFD, he even stated that he would fail me. Whoaw, he was pretty scary to look at while he’s raging so instead I followed his instructions and stuck my eyes to the PFD after replying to him “Received, Captain!”. After 4 sleepless night, Miss Jaja sent me my result for the psychomotor test, and guess what?? I’ve passed all the stagessss!!! 
Tips for Psychomotor Test : 
-SCAN ( 2 secs on PFD, 2 secs on turn coordinator ).
-Do more practice in simulator, with more practice you’ll be able to guess where the FD goes even before it reacts.
-Again, don’t be nervous ( Even if they scold you ) try to remain calm.
Contact for En.Zahir : 017-555 6760

Stage 5 ( Medical Checkup )

Go for the nearest hospital around you that is certified by CAAM for issuing the Class 1 Medical Checkup Certificate. It cost ~RM500 and will be borne by candidates. There’s no need to go for the one that is located in KLCC as it’s very expensive ( ~RM 1000, just because of their location ) if you’re filthy rich, please do so. After you get your certificate, sit around and wait for your flying school intake. ( start preparing for your loan if you need it ) I’m lucky enough to be able to pass all the stages at the age of 18 ( my first attempt ). Huge thanks to my Papa Mama and everyone who accompanied me throughout my journey.
Tips for Medical Checkup : Stay alive
Final tips : If you can understand Cantonese, I’d recommend you to watch the drama <<Triumph in the Skies 2 ,冲上云霄 2>> ,you’ll gain a lot from the drama, trust me ( Tips included in the drama )