About Me

Hi guys, first of all, thanks for visiting my website. My name is Visnu and I am a proud Air Asia Cadet Pilot year 2017. I wrote this blog to help future Cadet Pilots & fellow aviation Enthusiasts. Firstly would like to apologize if my domain “PilotVisnu” triggers you. I have no choice to use it, as the domain and the logo were donated to me by a friend of mine. I could not make further requests.  Contact

Visnu Air Asia

Why I wanted to be a pilot?

Basically I am a frequent flier, so I used to travel a lot around the world. So whenever I fly I used to ask my dad how the plane flies an what are the features and mechanics that allows the huge bird to take off. I was so curious until I started doing my own research but I wasn’t really interested to be a pilot that time. As I got older I started reading more stuffs regarding avionics and when I was about 13, I was really passionate about it and decided to make Piloting as my future career but at the same time I had Engineering in my list. Since then I wanted to be a pilot and wanted to fly that Huge bird. Then I saw this Cadetship and decided to apply for it. Did not expect that I will be chosen. Besides my interest in becoming a pilot and engineer. I had interest towards Visual Effects and Videography too. I have planned to study those part time after I have started working. You can watch some of my productions here Videos.