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1.How long does it take to join flying school?

It actually depends on the cadet. How fast you secure financially the faster you will enroll in flying school. You will be given 1 yr from the date of your letter offered to secure financially and 6 months for MAS Offer Letter.

2. How much is the school fees?

School fees varies from school school. For Example:
HMA: 350K
MFA: 343K
(Price Of 2018)

3. Mpl vs Cpl. Which one is better?

Both license have its pros & cons. Will be discussing this in my latest post                      Check out:https://pilotvisnu.com/2018/11/10/mpl-detailed-explanation-comparison-with-cpl-pilot-license/

4. How to apply for this cadetship? What to prepare

The cadetship will be opened once a year for Air Asia and a few times a year for MAS.

What to prepare click here:

Complete Guide | Air Asia Cadet Pilot Program

Complete Guide For Malaysia Airlines Cadet Pilot Interview

5. Why did you join the flying school late? (Me)

This is a frequent question people ask me. I was actually studying at matriculation so I requested by enrollment date to be postponed even though I was offered the earliest date

6. What are the minimum requirements for this cadetship?


7. What if I fail during one of the stages?

You are considered fail for that stage. Wait for the next recruitment and re-apply. You will start again from stage 1.

8. Should I get a joystick for Psychometrics? Is it necessary

Its really worth it if you invest a bit on your preparation

9. How long is ground school?

Approximately 9 months For CPL and 6 months for MPL.

10. How hard is stage 1?

Depends on you, on how much you have prepared. All just SPM Syllabus.

11. Will flight simming help me achieve better understandings in flying school?

In terms of theoritical part NO, but it helps you during flying phase & intrumentations.

12. Was the iv hard and what were asked (stage 4)?

Check it out Here (Stage 4)                                                                                                          https://pilotvisnu.com/airasia-cadet-pilot-interview/

13. How is the payment for this cadetship being done?

If loan, the school will deal directly with the bank, and if you are self sponsored, the cadet is to required to fulfill the whole payment in a single bank draft. If you are private cadet you may pay the fees by phase.

14. How do I cope with anxiety during the interview?

Be fully prepared, Be confident and think that you are better than others. Practice yourself everyday and have a mock interview session with your friend.

15.What are the processes and phases that I will be undergoing in flying school till the day i graduate?

Check here: https://pilotvisnu.com/2018/10/04/atpl-ground-school-phase-1-tips/

After ground school, is the flying phase, will update more about it in my future blog posts.

16.What kind of examinations will I be seated.Is it objective or subjective? What is the minimum requirement of passing mark?

All objective. The passing mark is 75%. EASA

17. The process of joining cadet for those wearing glasses (high power confirm fail eye test those). Info like max acceptable power, lasik info, recovery period or process would be helpful.

You may check this at THONEH. Some cadets are passed their eye test after lasik but some have failed. The healing period is about 6-12 months. Your eye power should not exceed more than 500. So better get your eyes checked and get the prescription from the specialist.

18. Why AirAsia instead of other airlines?

Air Asia is a performance based airline. Would you rather go for a consistent and expanding company or a company that is inconsistent.

19. How to prepare a good resume for interview?

Google has it, but make sure it is simple and easy to read by the interviewers.

20. Attire for the stages?


21. Requirements to pass medical checkup?

Full Blood Test, ECG,Chest X Ray,Urine Test, Hearing test, Blood Pressure, Full Eye Test

22. How many cadets did Airasia recruit in the previous years?

They usually recruit about 10-20 every year. But starting from 2017 they recruited about 145 cadet and about 250+ in 2018. They are expanding fast.

23. How many stages( and what are they)?


24.Is plane ticket included? If there is, is it for the cadet only or cadet with their parents.

Your flight ticket is included just for the cadets with 40kg baggage allowance. They will provide one ticket for reporting and one ticket to return after graduation.

25.If let’s say our enrollment is 20 Feb 2019 to HMA. When must we fly to Langkawi for registration?

Normally Air Asia will arrange for you all the travels documents and dates. So no need to worry, I reported on the day itself. Make sure you wear the uniform on the reporting date.

26.During our time in flight school, will Saturday and Sunday be a holiday for us to go home? Are we allowed to go home in Saturday and Sunday?

Yes you are allowed to go back home.

27. How do AirAsia take care of their cadets at the flying school?

They are very concern about their cadets, they meet us once a month and make sure our progress are up to date. They also keep an eye on our hostel facilities and maintenance. They will solve your problem within a week. Allowance of RM350 monthly with Medicard worth Rm 1000 per annum is provided.

28. How old were you when you got this offer ?

Was 18. One of the youngest cadet

29. Why did you join the flying school late?

I was first offered to join the earliest intake ( Nov 2017) . Since I was studying in Kedah Matriculation, we had to postpone my intake ( July 2018).


30. Benefits of Joining Cadetship

Benefits of Cadet:
Loaners benefit more because the amount of 400k isn’t available anywhere unless you mortgage the property and get your personal loan

The loan requirement is about 6k nett salary from the guarantor and then you will get the loan
There are some calculations will be done

Monthly allowance
Medical benefit worth RM 1000 anually
Job Security