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Batch 67 Diamond 40 Type Tech Exam

by Visnu
What Is Type Tech?

A type of tech is an exam where all the cadets have to pass before entering the flying phase. The test is conducted to evaluate our understanding of the aircraft operating technique for normal, abnormal and emergency operation together with the Aircraft Performance that should be achieved when the aircraft is operated in accordance with these procedures. All of these procedures and details are listed in the aircraft flight manual (AFM) which is provided by the aircraft manufacturer specifically Diamond for HMA. In Malaysia, type tech is valid for 6 months.

CC: Nathaniel

Skybrary defines,  A Flight Manual is a manual, associated with the Certificate of Airworthiness, containing limitations within which the aircraft is to be considered airworthy, and instructions and information necessary to the flight crew members for the safe operation of the aircraft. (ICAO Annex 6).

After completing our phase 3 exams by the end of March we went back home for a short break and came back to HMA on the 3rd Of May to get our type tech classes started. The class was conducted for 4 days for a total of 10 hrs. Studying the AFM was interesting as it was explaining all the procedures which we will be applying when flying the diamond 40 later. Although the number of pages was ridiculous, as an aviation lover I didn’t feel the hassle or tiredness when reading it. The classes started on the 6th of May till 9th May and the test was on the 10th of May. Scored 100% In my test.

After completing our exams we were all excited to collect our headsets, life vests, gats jar, and all other flying apparatus. Even though we know the flying waiting list is quite long. I am not sure if we took it after the exam or before. I suppose it was before the test. 6/5/2019

5/5/2019- Went to Wonderland for Chinese food with batchmates. I hope to meet again during the flying phase.

Expected a 6 months delay into flying phase. Waiting patiently. Hopefully In October 2019














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