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27 Hours Without Electricity – Insights of HMA

by Visnu

Living with no electricity might not be as easy as you may think and you not realise how many items in your hostel rely on it to function.

It was on Wednesday 28th of November. Around 2.30pm we had a electricity cut and that time  our classes were going on as usual. I still remember that it was instrumentation class. Our instructor thought that the power cut would be for a few minutes and we would be able to resume our studies later on.

But the time went from 30 minutes to 1 hour and felt like forever. All of us were wondering what could have happened. Is it just HM Aerospace or whole of Padang Matsirat. It happened to be that one of the rat had bitten one of the wires which ended up in this disaster.


The Rat ..RIP

The worst part among all was, that we were not allowed to go back to class eventhough the teaching session was brought to a halt.

We were all sweating until our skin took on a glossy shine and the salt waters started to invade our eyes. As usual langkawi was hot outside and with the windows open it added up to the situation

At 4:45 were allowed to go back to hostel. With hope that the electricity supply might continue within the next few hours. Hours passed by and kept watching the TNB truck round trip thru and fro thru the guard house. A few explosion could be heard and shouting of frustrated cadets who cant survive without air conditioner.

It was almost 8.00pm

We had our dinner. Me and some of my friends decided to do revision at the hotel lobby but a few minutes later we were approached by one of the flying instructor whom offered us his office to study . Such a great man he was. We were so glad and continued our revision in his office


But still the power supply was out. Thinking that there wont be class tomorrow . We decided to stay awake for the whole night and hope for the class to be cancelled. Somehow they managed to get a backup power supply for the ground school building since batch 68 had their final exams the next day.

I went back to my room , had a shower and tried to sleep but coudnt. The mosquitos and heat was tremendous. Then I took my pillow, and my blanket headed to the hotel lobby telephone room which had a aircond in it. Went it sat on the chair and slept off. I realised that it was 6.30 when my alarm rang. The power supplied continued at around 5.30 . Thats all because I am too lazy to write. Hahaha


The electricity came back about 5.30

We could hear people cheering. Thats all about it.

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