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Reporting Back To HM Aerospace – Langkawi

by Visnu

It was a long wait after our ground school ended back in March 2019. For a total of 9 months bored at home, the type tech expired in a blink of an eye. So, as usual, we have to redo the type tech exam in order to start flying diamond 40. It was 8/11 when 6 of by batchmates were called back by the flight dispatch to start off with a mass brief and followed by flying. In order to be in the same room as my friend, I followed and reported early as well.

But this time we decided not to take the flight instead drive all the from KL. On 16/11/2019 my friend Leon took a bus from Batu Pahat Johor and arrived at TBS which I then fetched him there.

The next day we departed from my home at 6.15, with the help of our friend Lim Zhi Lok who drove al the way from Ampang. We had a light breakfast at Mcdonalds Before starting our journey towards the north. The journey wasn’t tiring as we thought because we took turns to drive and put up a few stops. But all of us were shocked when we realised that we were still at Subang after one hour ride.

We reached Penang at about 11.00 am to fetch another friend, De Yong, after fetching we went to Pelita Nasi Kandar had our lunch and started to resume our drive to Kuala Perlis.

This time all of us were tired so we told the Penangite to take over the remainder of the journey. At 2.00 we reached Kuala Perlis Jeti. At 2.30 we were instructed to board the ferry. It was really interesting to see how the whole ferry could carry many heavy vehicles.

The duration from Kuala Perlis Jeti to Langkawi Jeti took about 1hr 30 minutes. At 5.09 we arrived at the jetty.

Going to HMA felt something new even though I came back a few months back just to move my things. Finally arrived at HMA at 5.30 and checked into room C206.

All the faces there were new because the new batches 71-74 were not there when we left. BV food improved, HMA maintenance became better. Walla that’s all about our journey back to HM.

I flew back to KLIA after 4 days of reporting in order to finish working at a furniture shop.

Next day got a message from Flight ops to report on 2/12 . Best morning message ever

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