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Pilot Jobs In A Marginal VFR State – Post Pandemic Covid 19

by Visnu

Because of COVID’s impact on the Pilot job market, many aspiring pilots have inquired about the future outlook for Pilots in the industry. As a result, I’ve summarised my findings. 

Before the COVID outbreak, flying was at an all-time high, according to our knowledge. Pilots are expected to be in high demand in the near future, according to a number of organisations. In order to fulfil their aspirations of travelling the world in elegance, many qualified applicants for Pilot training hurry to enrol in flying lessons. This is something I’ve observed firsthand, since I’ve had the opportunity to be a cadet and to meet people who quit their corporate careers to become pilots. Before the release of COVID 19, everything was running smoothly. The best advice for current situation is to get a permanent job meanwhile waiting for aviation industry return back to pre covid state.


Lockdowns and travel bans have been imposed on us in an unprecedented manner. For months, airlines around the world were forced to ground their planes. The grounding of multi-million dollar transportation equipment resulted in significant financial losses. Although travel has reopened, it will be at least a few years before we can go back to pre-COVID numbers. The losses incurred by Airlines have reached unfathomable proportions. Due to a lack of government support, airlines and their partners bear the brunt of the losses. Losses have piled up for an industry that relies on a slim profit margin. 


Airlines have been compelled to cut pay and privileges as a result of the grounding and following slow recovery. Many airline employees around the world have been laid off as a result of this decision. The path to recovery is hazy (MVFR) at best. Thus, Airline has made no assurances for the future. A wait-and-see attitude has taken hold as the world awaits further outbreaks of COVID-19 where new variants are appearing from time to time, with questions hanging about the efficiency of vaccines for each new variant. Thankfully the vaccine is efficient superbly efficient. 



There is always a preference for persons who are just starting out in a new career or who have recently returned to the workforce. When it comes to flying, the preference will always be given to License holders who have recently flown rather than Pilots who have flown sparingly or not at all recently. 


As a result of the Pandemic’s lockdown, the training of a large number of student pilots was affected. Almost all of them have restarted their training and are eager to obtain their licence as soon as feasible.. Great. WHAT’S NEXT? They may have to wait a long time for an interview with an airline and become part of the Pilot pool that is unemployed. How long will we have to wait? There are no leads. Is it better to put your training on hold for the time being and return when the market has stabilised to finish it? We have no idea either. It’s always the best to finish what you have started and no withdrawing in the middle of the whole progress. That’s considered as a waste of resources. 

80% of the students drop out from flying school because they didn’t set clear goal in their life. That is what a good instructor will mention. Have your target, Complete it, and take your next step or next action. That’s a very good pilot trait.



The Pandemic has already set airlines back 2-3 years. As consumers become less confident in their ability to travel the way they did before, this time period may expand. In the event that you begin flying instruction today and become a pilot within the next two years, you are likely to become a member of the Pilot pool. It’s best to postpone flying lessons for a year or so until there’s more certainty about recovery. ‘ All theory papers can be cleared and you can enrol in a course of your choice during this time. Due to the fact that it is a full-time programme with no any restrictive requirement, it is possible to begin training whenever things improve. Saving money on interest payments for flying training can also be achieved by doing so. 


Due to an upsurge in students before the pandemic, flying training institutions have raised their fees. Aspiring pilots must settle for flying schools in the current state because of the fluctuation in raw material prices. As a result, flying schools demand exorbitant rates per hour. 

What if you have graduated and held a license? Carry out your responsibilities in keeping your medical and license valid. Take care of your own self health and lastly keep yourself refreshed on the knowledge that would be required when you rejoin line training.

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