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The requirement of getting hired by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM) as an air traffic controller.

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There are many processes for a controller to complete, and various examinations must be passed before it can be considered for FAA and CAAM employment. As a result, only a few can pass the testing and training required to obtain complete FAA or CAAM certification. However, even both administrations have similar tests and passing marks.

The FAA has three different hiring prospects: certified controllers, college graduates, and the general public. Where else CAAM requirement is passing the ATC examination, English language proficiency, and obtaining a class three medical assessment to be hired by the CAAM as a controller. In addition, applicants must generally demonstrate that they are knowledgeable and capable of carrying out air traffic control obligations and have a complete understanding of the rules and regulations governing air traffic control. The FAA and CAAM have different academic qualifications and medical check-up requirements. The FAA collaborates with numerous 2- and 4-year air traffic management universities to deliver a primary training curriculum. Graduates of certified CTI schools earn the FAA examination score for the air traffic (AT-SAT) selection and training.

The AT-SAT tests for characteristics required to perform an air traffic controller’s functions, including numerical capacity, priority set-up, scheduling, work tolerance, determination, visualization, resolution of problems, decision-making, and motion detection. Apart from qualification, training, and medical examination. The FAA will carry out a full safety investigation. This investigation comprises a comprehensive civil and criminal background study, past employers and training institutions inquiries, and an examination of all appropriate files from the FBI, the military, and police. The FAA medication includes a physical and eye examination, blood chemistry tests, audiogram, psychological tests, and medication tests during the medical examination. The physical exam resembles the commercial pilots’ second-class medical examination. Controllers must check their careers by frequent physical examinations to maintain their health.

However, the CAAM has a somewhat different approach: all of the candidates are required to have taken the ATC examination to comprise all ATC training courses for ATC-ATOs, authorized by the CEO of CAAM ATC operational exams in civil traffic control departments of ATS. Apart from taking the CAAM ATC examination, ATCOs must evaluate English Language Proficiency (ELP) and achieve the minimal competence required for communication via radiotelephony, i.e., The ICAO Annex 1 Level 4 of the Chicago Convention. Level 5. The ATC License will not be awarded or renewed as of 31 March 2011 unless a minimum level of ELP 4 has been obtained. In addition, the CAAM requires the candidates to sit for the Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA) tests before being shortlisted for an interview and security checks. The SPA tests include IQ, Voice, English, and Psychology tests.

Successfully candidates will be sent for a training course in the Academy of Civil Aviation, Malaysia, with a maximum of 66 weeks. To receive a live rating, participate in job training (OJT). The 66 weeks module covers meteorology, aviation operations, air navigations, aids in navigation, communication, legislation on aviation, and publications. The modules address the essential elements of aerodynamic or proceedings-based practical air traffic control. In addition, it teaches trainees to maintain a separation of planes without radar. Lastly, the CAAM requires. Class 3 ATCOs are only to be carried out by a Designated Medical Examiner as part of the ATC License (ME) pre-requisites. The following are the two kinds of ATCO licensing medical examinations (LMEs). LME initial is the grant of medical assessment and LME routine renewal for existing medical assessment’s validity.

In conclusion, being an air traffic controller can be challenging. Still, it is doable if the applicants have good academic records, aptitude scores, excellent communication, and the ability to meet all requirements issued by the FAA or CAAM. This requirement ensures that all selected air traffic controllers can meet the demands and ensure the skies are safe. After all, safety is always the top priority in the aviation industry.





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