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HM Aerospace-After A Week Flying In Terengganu

by Visnu

With so many people in the waiting list from ground school to flying phase, a countless number of backlogs and bad weathers that canceled many sorties.HMA came up with a new plan to send their cadets to Terengganu(TGG). The main aim was to speed up the cadet’s progress in the flying phase and clear up all the delays. The traffic in TGG is very less, about 5 departures and landing per day. Usually, the holding in WMKL ( Langkawi Airport) goes up to 30-45 minutes and sometimes an hour.

About Our Trip From Langkawi To Terengganu

15 of us were listed to continue training for a month in TGG. 12 of us from Batch 67 and the remaining 3 from Batch 66. 3 Aircraft were flown all the way from HMA Langkawi to TGG by Nasrul, Zul Ajis & Ming together with 3 of their instructors. The other 12 of us departed from Langkawi by Ferry at about 3.30 pm on the 1/2/2020. Reached Kuala Perlis at about 4.30 then had a 3-hour rest before the bus picked us up. We prepared for our longest travel day of this time – a 10-hour bus trip to Kuala Terengganu.

After traversing a poorly maintained road for the first hour (often driving in loose gravel on the side of the road to avoid massive potholes in the bitumen),. While seatbelts were the least of our worries, it was good to see a safety focus. And all the while, the endless horizon of palm plantations continued with no mobile connection. Every 2 hours the bus driver stopped for us to get something to eat and to go to the washroom.

The whole bus was in total silence except my friend Iyad, Jega, & myself who didn’t bother to sleep all the way. Played games, chattered & cracked some stupid jokes with the bus driver all the way to TGG. If you don’t like the idea of wasting so many hours on the road, take a flight to Kuala Terengganu instead. Kuala Terengganu’s Sultan Mahmud Airport serves many daily flights to and from Kuala Lumpur. From the airport, you can get a cab to the city center, located 13 km away.

After a long ride, all of us were half dead with neck pains and backaches. We got down a few kilometers away from the bus stop because it was closer to the place we were supposed to check-in. Out of nowhere, we took bags of the other 2 passengers but managed to return the bags safely.

The following day we had a safety briefing with officers from TGG airport which they conducted as if the airport is the busiest in Southeast Asia. Lame airport though.


Its a fully furnished house with 4 rooms, 4 bathrooms, a living room equipped with wifi and television. There’s a kitchen and washing machine to do our laundry. The food will be delivered every day by one of the caterers. I bet you BV food is just bad if want to be compared. Every room is air-conditioned but the only problem is we don’t have a water heater. But manageable because we boil the water over the stove before showering, old school but works.



No complaints. The food provided here is very good and if you are still hungry you can just order food online to be delivered home. Besides that, we started cooking at home. Maggi is common at night. We have a fully equipped kitchen, so why not utilize it. So far we have cooked fried rice, fried Maggi, fried eggs, heat up leftovers, pasta, carbonara and many more in the list. Fried chicken, sausages, cartons of milo. There is a nearby Mydin which costs about RM5 by GRAB.



The traffic here is very less compare to Langkawi. We were able to do 7 circuits and landings in 35 minutes and no holding at all. The wind is usually calm and headwind later in the afternoon. Overall the weather is calm with a slight downpour in the morning. Clouds overcast at 2500ft. Sufficient to practice stalls and! general handling. The apron is close to the hangar. The nav routes here are very interesting where one of the checkpoints is Pulau Redang & Pulau Perhentian. TGG consists of 6 training areas where one of them is over an island. Once we took off from RWY04 it wasn’t your usual Gunung Raya but a beautiful blue south china sea where some of the corals appear crystal clear.


In conclusion, we are just having some good time here.


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