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First Day As A Parade Commander | Cadet Life

by Visnu

Throughout my life experience, I often get paranoid when it comes to presentations, public speaking or even talking in front of a large number of unfamiliar faces.

Last week Thursday (9/8/18) I was eating at BV, when I was requested to be the parade commander for the next week. At first, I refused because I had this fear in me stopping myself from accepting the request. But then I took it as a challenge thinking how long am I going to be like this for my entire life.  So after the break, I met the person in charge during class and told him that I can be the parade commander for next week Tuesday (14/8/18). Every batch gets a chance to be the parade commander day by day.

That night I was so nervous and could not even sleep, I was tossing and turning on the bed thinking what if I mess up the whole commanding and get scolded by one of the instructors. Hence, I was practicing during shower, in the bedroom and whenever I feel not satisfied with my command or myself.

So the day arrived which is today, I was supposed to be up early. I set my alarm at 6.30 but ended up waking at 7.08. Quickly rushed to the bathroom, had my shower and got myself ready by 7.33. I used to eat breakfast at BV a lot actually. But today I just drank a coffee + fresh milk + one pack of sugar and my whole mind was about the commanding.

At about 7.45 I went to the assembly area and did a small practice with Agnes and was ready. The cadets all lined up and my heart started pumping. I could feel my heartbeat and the squeaking sound my shoe made on the rough ground.

That’s me. Last Day as Parade Commander (Phase 3 Updated)

Before I continue with what happened I’ll brief you on the whole procedure,

  1. Stand in a standby position and turn
  2. Give the first command ” Barisss….Baris Sedia”
  3. Then “Ke Kanan Lurus” followed by “Pandang Depan”
  4. “Senang Diri” & I turn facing the flags
  5. Wait for Capt Rana (CTKI) to come.
  6. As soon he starts walking out of the building, I have to turn and give the next command ” Baris Baris Sedia”
  7. Get back into my position for national anthem
  8. After the national anthem turn again ” Senang Diri”
  9. And then turn again wait for the instructors to leave.
  10. Finally turn back “Baris Baris Sedia and then Keluar Baris”

So yeah, a soon I started off with my first 4 commands it was pretty smooth until I turned to face the flags, I almost tripped off. Though, the others went well and no comments neither complaints given by Capt Pravesh or Capt Rana. But yeah it is still one of the memorable moments of my life as a cadet pilot in HM Aerospace. After that I was too happy until I couldn’t even focus in class.

Walking back to room happily after class, planning on writing a post.

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