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atplGS Question Bank Review – EASA ATPL Theory

by Visnu

Hello everybody thank you for tuning in to my another new blog post. I am going to be reviewing another airline transport pilot’s license (ATPL) question bank which is the atplGS. To get straight in there, you probably reading this post because you are doing your ATPL or going to be doing your ATPL to get the best possible score during training. Before we continue if you find this post useful, don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest updates and info. In case you missed my previous review on the other 2 ATPL question banks Bristol GS vs Aviation Exam. Here you go: https://pilotvisnu.com/bristol-ground-school-bristol-gs-vs-aviation-exam-solved/

To get straight into ATPL question banks are absolutely amazing. When I was in ground school I wouldn’t have got anywhere without the help of this question banks. I used the Bristol GS and Aviation Exam (Avex) at that time. Now I am going to be reviewing ATPL GS and it’s up to you which banks you want to use. This review and comparison will give you guys a flavour and idea on different kinds of question banks offered in terms of interface, suitability, and price comparison.

atplGS was developed by students for students. With pass margins on the rise exams are becoming more and more difficult. Their goal is to give you the most relevant and recent questions to increase your chances of success, giving you the strongest atpl question bank out there. practice makes perfect. They currently cater for the ATPL (A) EASA students and show you the most relevant questions in their bank, and go out looking for the latest questions. So what makes them different?


As you can see the interface is pretty good. You have got the usual layout that someone would expect from a question bank. I would say it’s not much different from other providers. But I would say it’s far better than the Bristol GS interface. The plus point about ATPLGS is the ability to add new questions to help others, which is direct feedback into the system. The average score system shows you the area you are weak in for revision purposes and all your progress is showed in one screen. Which is where I feel ATPLGS excels. You could always come back to incorrect questions and before you take an exam it gives you a great feature which is the ability to set up a custom exam. A featured called last 200 questions have been adapted recently into the application. This means the student will be able to review and keep track of the latest 200 questions that appeared in the recent exams.


You could always keep track of your subject progress. There are few other common features such as search questions, save exams, & take a practice exam to evaluate your understanding.


Looking at the pricing, it gives you a free trial with a limited number of questions and features. You got options from 2 months up to 6 months which I think not sufficient for a student. 1-year subscription plan would be a better option. They do provide discounts if you buy-in bulks of more than 10 people. In terms of price Aviation Exam ( Avex) is the cheapest where you caan share 3 devices per account.

Currency Converter


Question Bank

So once you log in. you got all your subjects listed on your homepage

  • Air Law
  • Operations
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • General Navigation
  • Instrumentation
  • AGK
  • VFR Communications
  • IFR Communications
  • Flight Planning Monitoring
  • Performance
  • Mass & Balance
  • Radio Navigation
  • Principles of flight
  • Helicopter

In the question section, you can always leave a comment where you can communicate with other users. Sometimes their method works well compared to what is explained in the explanation part. These questions are updated daily.


In atplGS I found out that, the explanations are very short and precise. Nice little explanation explaining the important details but sadly this was seldom the case with Aviation Exam. In Aviation exam (Avex) the explanations are very long and sometimes the explanations are repeated or just a pdf textbook is attached for us to figure out by ourself. atplGS also allows you to add your own comments for future reference.

User Experience

atplGS offers a truly native experience no matter which device you are using. Originally starting out as a website/web application you can of course still access atplGS via your web browser but in addition to this, you can also download the iPhone, iPad, and Android applications from the respective stores. Furthermore, atplGS also offer desktop applications for Mac and Windows too. However even they are available on mobile devices. This app is not allowed for offline syncing. Which means you will be required to connect to the internet every time you use it. Whereas Aviation exam (Avex) the app allows you to do tests and exams offline and only required to connect to the internet for updating new questions.

Overall Comparison

atplGS beats out Avex and BGS


Visit https://www.atplgs.com/ for more information

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