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What Is A Cadet Pilot Program ?

by Visnu

Some of you might have come across the word cadet when looking for pilot related information.

A cadet pilot program seems to be an amazing opportunity for a future pilot to pursue their career in aviation. Why Not Self Enrolled? It is the same ATPL integrated training program for a pilot’s license except that the main benefit of it is a conditional employment offer from the airline even before starting the training.


A cadet program is fundamentally a collaboration between a carrier and a flight school. The purpose of the program is to fulfill the companies demand for pilots. Normally the flight schools that will train the cadet pilots undergo a rigid audit process from the airline where the cadets will start working after graduation. Starting-off with line training. Line training is the training that cadets will undergo after graduating from the flying school with the airline. For an example Airbus 320 or Boeing 737 Training type rated.

Lets take another profession Engineering. As a fresh graduate You know that there is quite a long way until you acquire the required education and then comes the search for a vacancy at companies. You will be sending your CVs, resume, going to job interviews and if you are lucky, you might quickly get a job in the competitive market.

Now back to aviation. The path is same for pilots who enroll themselves into a flying school offering ATPL integrated program. Once graduated with approximately of 200 required hours for Commercial Pilot License. Send out tons of CV’s and hope for the best. However, the aviation industry is amazing at this point as it actually offers a second scenario with a job guarantee! This is exactly what being a cadet means.

A cadet program is usually done by following the same structure as an integrated program or an Multi Crew Pilots License ( MPL)  Program( What is MPL Program?). However, an integrated program does not necessarily have to be a cadet program. The word “cadet” simply means that graduates from that program are devoted to a specific employer from the start of their training. Thus, all of their training is conducted with that specific employer in mind. Eg: Air Asia or Malaysia Airline Group etc.

Do I require aviation-related experience to apply for the cadet program?
  • No, Most of the students who enroll in integrated flight training programs that take you from little or no experience to having all the licenses and ratings.
What is the minimum age to apply?
  • 17
Do I have to be a science stream student to be eligible for the cadetship?
  • If you are not a science stream student, there is a minimum of Grade A in General Science. However, this is up to the airline as the requirement may change.
Where Do I Get Updated About Cadet Pilot Programs?
Why does it take longer to enroll in a cadet program?
  • As mentioned previously, the airline seeks for the most suitable candidates to join its team of professional pilots, therefore, the additional steps apply in the preselection process. The advice for those considering enrolling on a cadet program is to start preparing as early as possible. There is no reason to wait for the last minute.

Further Frequently Asked Question; https://pilotvisnu.com/faq/

Steps of pre-selection process for the cadet program – Check My Main Menu > Cadet Pilot


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