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Bristol Ground School (Bristol.gs) Vs Aviation Exam Solved

by Visnu

In this post I aim to provide a review of the two question banks I used throughout my studies. Neither of them were 100% perfect and on some occasions each of them were stronger than the other when it came to specific subjects. Nevertheless, it is hoped that this post will assist you in deciding which provider to choose for your own ATPL studies.

Take note: Some schools in Malaysia may provide the application which is included in the school fees. But it doesn’t matter as both apps are equally credible.


Aviation Exam : Avex

Bristol Ground School : BGS



Personal Preference

I believe in terms of explanation Avex was much more interactive even though it was long and lengthy. When I read the whole explanation , I am not just understanding why I get the answers specifically but at the same time we learn other parts of the chapter or syllabus in detail. By this we are not just mugging up the answers.

Besides that Avex is more convenient to be used. We dont have to go online ,login and wait for the questions to load one by one like what Bgs practices. Avex app is much more faster and responsive which works fine without internet.

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