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10 Types Of Cadets In Flying School – How To Deal With Them

by Visnu

Like the movie ” The Lion King “. The classroom is much like the animal kingdom: each person belongs to a distinct social group with its own behaviors and super legitimate, scientific-sounding name. Here are the types of students that you may have seen in the classroom around you the past couple months or you might meet them soon when you join the flying school. This article is not intended for any specific person.

1. The Ass-Kisser

They are the ones who will be ‘extra pleasant to everyone in a way they are not sincere. They will be very professional at it, almost like a full-time job. Their attention and affection will make people around them really uncomfortable. The good part is their progress, especially in the flying phase, will be very smooth and faster compared to other cadets. Often become instructors pet. Application to the instructors to get something in return is logical but when it is done towards their batchmates and whoever they meet. GROSS!! Imagine what will happen when two of them (Ass kissers) meet each other.


Before Break Scenario, When everyone is hungry
” Sir considering you, we are not going to eat today, you can end the class anytime”


2. Hypothetic “Keana Reevus”

You are in principles of flight class and a question comes in. ” Sir how the rocket can fly without stalling even it takes off 90 degrees”. Damn It, aircraft and rockets deal with 2 different principles. These are the people who were trained to spoil the mood of the instructors as well as their batchmates. These skills were developed from the year they were born. In a short hypothetical person, hypothetically I would not be able to hypothetically answer any hypothetical questions except hypothetical questions, and I’d have to hypothetically answer them hypothetically.

3. Nerd

Books and Aviation Exam is their social life. Book is food, drink and the toilet paper they use. Books are clever. Books don’t bully you. Books don’t ask stupid questions. What’s more, books fertilize your mind with superb ideas and make you monstrously intelligent. They will be the brightest student in the classroom and capable of answering every question thrown to them. The wow effect remains only during class hours.

4. Information Walks, Bullshit Talks

We  encounter many types of bullshits, it is slightly more interesting at flying school. Where throttle back is increasing power and throttle forward is reducing power. Commercial planes have an “ejaculation” ejection seat. One of the worst feelings I can think of is knowing that you are being b.s-ed but you just can’t control your laugh.

5. Party-Addict

Bars & Clubs is their next home. They drink when they are sad, happy and also bored. Choosing between H20 and C2H5OH has never been so hard. Always a can, oops a crate will be in their stores. For a pilot, everything has a limit so avoid them. I hope you know the ” bottle to throttle” rule. But they’ve actually been paying attention and are one of the smartest people there. The Guy who Is surprisingly With It sparks the best debates in discussion classes and is a great person to talk with after class. Don’t judge a book by its cover mate.

6. Mediocre Chaps

These people are like the waves of the class. They become toppers once in a while, but most of the time their progress test results will be near the border. Anyways being mediocre is always fun, nobody will ask your marks, less expectation, fewer questions asked and lastly not scolded like other students. These peoples somehow will manage to pass their exams with no problem.

7. The Napper

Wakes up after the lecture saying, “What did I miss? Often being called out by the instructors to wash their faces.

8. Over-Achiever

You–and everyone else in the class–will notice their frequent participation and general over-preparedness. The Overachiever often points out the instructor’s mistakes and is always ahead of the syllabus by 20 years. Study smart not study hard. In the end, no one is looking at the score. ” Did You Pass Or Fail?” Enjoy your ground school!

9. The Always Sick 

They are the ones who will be giving at least 2-3 mc’s( Medical certificates)  per week. Diarrhea, headache, back pain, and all other sicknesses are frequent. Keng-ing (fake an illness) Medical Certificates (MC) to skip their tests and also waking up late is quite common. To be clear, this post is not to blame anyone. I’m just upset about the way things happen. A pilot should not be taking leave frequently. He/she should be medically fit and make sure the attendance is up to 90%.

10. Businessman

Are you hungry? If yes look for him, a variety of biscuits, cakes, chocolates will be sold. Sometimes you can even buy sugarcane sticks and munch them during your break “REFRESHING”. These kinds of people are really useful when you are hungry during class intervals.

Did I miss any group? Comment below!

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Leon Keng Hoe May 27, 2019 - 11:19 pm

I think I know who are they!

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