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Hiking Mount Mat Cincang – Gone Wrong!

by Visnu

16/3/2019- Gunung Mat Cincang belonging to the UNESCO world heritage is one of the top tourist attraction in langkawi.It is the home to Langkawi’s famous cable car that’s able to carry passengers 700m above sea level. The views from the top are just spectacular so you’ll definitely have the time of your time admiring them. Legend has it that Gunung Mat Cincang was a giant who was cursed and eventually turned into a mountain, but this outstanding story isn’t the only amazing aspect related to this mountain. Believe it or not, Gunung Mat Cincang is known as one of the oldest rock formations in the world, and also for its one of the most challenging hiking trail in Malaysia. The peak which you reach by following the trail is about 200m higher than the cable car. Imagine how much you have to climb to view the beautiful scenery of Langkawi. For your information , the hikers peak and the cable car peak are not located at the same place. So you hike up and then descend all by yourself.

The famous trek also gives you the chance to see the popular Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) Waterfall, which can also be admired from the cable car. All you have to do is head to the Pantai Kok area, from where you can choose either to climb the stairway that takes you through the rainforest or test your skills on the steep road. If you decide to climb the 638 steps, you will also get the chance to admire the Seven Wells Waterfall, located at an impressive altitude of 480 meters. Even though the climb is tiring, you will definitely enjoy it. The waterfall is one of the most famous attractions on this mountain, and several tourists enjoy climbing the rock slides which go directly into the water.

Your journey as a Hiker to MAT CINCANG peak starts here. 

It was end of ground school phase and our Diamond DA40 type tech exam. We made a complete plan for our hike. We formed the hiking group consisting of 7 members. Actually I am not a person who is into hiking and all that stuff.


Before the hike we had to drive for nearly half an hour. We reached the place at 9.00 and started the hike at 9.15. The hike had 7 stages, the first was forest for nearly 1 hour walk and then started the rocks. I don’t mean ordinary small rocks,  they were real big and huge rocks with sand. We actually climbed on them. It was never ending.We had to be very careful while climbing as our legs were slipping. We kept on climbing climbing and climbing but, couldn’t reach. Oh god!!!!!!!we were so tired. The last stage was climbing a steep slope which you would die eventually if you drop and also climbing 75 degree slope.

Most of my friends were up the hill cheering me on. “Be fit!” – I told them. – “can’t go any faster!” They looked at me and laughed. “They have got to be kidding me! Are they doing it on purpose?!” I enjoyed their teasing and also their de-motivations. Sure will miss them one day.

I was making my way slowly up the mountain. My leg stepped on something. I think it was a rock, but whatever. The rock slipped from under my shoes and went tumbling down the mountain. I lost my balance and collapsed to the ground. “Are you ok?” I heard a voice behind me. “Ya sure! Just tired. I’m taking a break.”

After about 1 hr of hike we reached the 50% mark, which means we had another half a distance to reach the peak.

I looked up. De yong was already on the top, waving to me. “It’s like he isn’t tired at all”- I thought to myself. The sun was behind him so I could barely see his face. Actually, no, I could see a huge smile on his face. He was shouting something, but I couldn’t hear it. I decided that the rest of the way up I will not stop to take any breaks.  Well I did, like a second later.  While I was walking I was thinking- “Why bother coming! Oh my god I could say that I’m sick or my leg hurts or something! This is the worst hiking experience ever. We came all the way to see a stupid mountain? I wish I was asleep in the cosy bed.” I was surprised and confused what did all of these people see that made them forget about everything and run up. They were more energetic than me. I ran out of water supply and almost felt like want to drink the water from the wet moss

The journey to the peak was very challenging and tiring with all insects infesting us, slippery steps and mosquitos. Honestly I was the weakest person in the group. I slowed down their progress by 30%. But then my friend MIKE ( Hiking Guide) really boost me by telling the remaining distance to go. Even though most of us had experience of hiking other mountains, this one was the most challenging one.

After about 2 hrs of climbing, FINALLY we reached the peak. It was one of the best feeling ever. We could feel the chill breeze fanning on our cheeks.

I was one of the last ones up the mountain. I looked up and my jaw fell. I couldn’t believe my eye’s. I didn’t feel the pain of blisters or the dry throat All of my attention was focused on the view.
I was looking at the most amazing thing I had ever saw. You could see everything from this height. I looked down and my heart sunk to my feet. The wind was playing with my hair. I took a huge breath. I looked up. They sky was the color of the sea on a sunny day. Giant clouds were rushing past me like ships on the ocean. The sun was so bright you could barely look at it. “I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I’m sure glad I made it!” – I told my friends filling my lungs with fresh air. “I think it was totally worth it!”


Then the real nightmare begun. I thought climbing was the hardest part. My assumptions were wrong, but going downhill was the hardest part in this whole journey. No proper grip you will roll down to death. Luckily we were provided with ropes that we could hold on as an aid to come down.

My legs and arms were shaking. Sweat was tripping down my face.  Every step felt like thousands of needles are sinking into my legs. I couldn’t take it. By that time I had three blisters on each foot. It felt like I was in Sahara! Thinking that the weather will be cold like the day before that I dressed properly. I had a T-shirt & towel. My bag was full so I had to leave the mountain of clothes on me. I felt that my back and my head are being cooked up. I was never that hot in my life! I tripped on every rock I saw.

2 hours of going downhill passed by. I could hear people cheering and splashes of water. Bear grylls once said “follow the river for civilization”. Once we got down I saw my friends who reached earlier than me in the cooling water of Seven Wells. I quickly took of my shoes and socks, took a deep breath and dived. It was the best feeling ever.


Hiking Mat Cincang is like climbing 99 flights of staircases and 13 km in distance.After a painful climb & chilling bath we came back to our car. Tired and hungry. It was a painful yet wonderful experience.

Rocking on the rockssss was great. Thanks to my friends who guided and supporter me throughout this adventure of a lifetime. Thanks Guys


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