How To Become A Pilot : A Step By Step Guide For Private Cadets

Becoming a pilot is not as easy as you think, It takes a long process just to get your slots secured and get the documents ready. Some people are still clueless in getting their documents verified and as well as obtaining the CAAM approval letter. This takes up to a month and sometimes 2 months to be ready.

My thought it would be wise to compile a step-by-step guide on how you can become an airline pilot, from your first step to your reporting day.

1. Write letter to CAAM (Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia ) and attach
with your SPM result (certified true copy). This will take up to a month to be received by post.

The form can be printed here: request-letter-of-acceptance-of-professional-pilot-training


2. Go to the nearest flying school which you prefer to enroll and secure your slots as the waiting list for the cadets are quite long. Around 90 cadets in MFA itself.
3. Scan and email the following documents to the respective flying schools
– CAAM Letter Of Acceptance For Professional Pilot Training
– SPM Certificate with Certify True Copy
– Identity Card (MyCard) front and back.

As a backup keep a softcopy of every documents you carry in your cloud storage.

4. Please take note that your name will be on the waiting list and they will
call you for the next available date for their internal assessment.

5. Upon passing the test and interview,  you are required to go for Medical
Check Up ( Class One Medical )
-List of Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) is inside the CAAM Website:

6. Commence training – Uniform is require from a standard formal wear at
academy which is different by schools.

7. More informations will be provided once you are ready to report & start your journey at flying school.

Pls re-confirm with the schools with the process of getting registered. But the documents required are the same.

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