Comparative Analysis of Flying Schools in Malaysia – Fixed Wing

If you’re lucky enough to live near multiple flight schools and have a variety of training options, choosing the right one can be confusing. So, it’s a decision worth putting some thought into.

As a result I conducted my own survey to review the flying schools in Malaysia with an average of 30 responds from the students of each school. Received a total of 153 responds using Google Forms.
  • MFA – Malaysian Flying Academy
  • HMA- HM Aerospace
  • LLFA – Layang Layang Flying Academy
  • IATAC – International Aero Training Academy
  • CAE – CAE Oxford Aviation Academy (For Air Asia MPL Cadets Only)

There’s more to it than just walking into the nearest one. Careful consideration of the training environment, instructors, and aircraft will ensure you get through training quickly and easily. And remember, flying should be fun. If you find you’re not enjoying yourself at any point during your training, don’t be afraid to put up a complain and get what you paid for.

Take note that schools performance will improve by time and your feedback is important for them

Based on 5 Star Rating System

Slide1Hidden/Extra Charges – Lower rating more charges

If you guys are wondering why MFA & IATAC rating is different for bad weather frequency even though they share the same runway.It is because of the type of aircraft being operated and instructors advice. Some don’t prefer to fly even though there is a micro cumulus.



For MFA, there is no slot booking fees:

The  RM 90,000 mentioned above is the confirmation fees which you would pay after  passing the entrance examination



HMA: 03-2730 8111 Pn Surina ( Their Website Not Updated)




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