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Can you fly a plane without a driver’s license & what about flying cars?

by Visnu

Well thats a new one. There is no rules stating that a pilot needs a driving license in order to fly. We need a driving license to drive a car and pilots license to fly a plane. It is as easy as that.

So assuming one of you don’t have a drivers license and still wish to pursue your career as piloting. Its not a big issue. If you are the type who doesn’t want to own a driving license and never want to drive a car nothing is stopping you from getting a pilots license.

A pilot must have their valid pilot license, medical certificate, airport pass, and a government issued photo id.

You just need a government issued id with you all the time. It can be the IC, driving license, military id or others that portray your valid photo .

So far from what I have read in CAAM website , there is no any regulation stating a pilot must own a driving license.

However in some countries pilots are required to hold a driving license. In military as well , but it may vary in civilian sectors. Just that you will be a pilot who cant drive a car. Well thats funny. Don’t worry and enjoy your life as a cadet pilot.

Anyways those who are thinking that getting a flying license is as easy as getting a driving license. Remember you don’t study meteorology, general navigation in order to drive and also no waze to navigate.

Ever wonder what license a “flying car” driver/pilot needs to operate? There might be a school in future for flying cars license studies. I am sure a different license will be provided that covers both flying and driving in a single course.It is important to make sure the drivers are operating this things as safe as possible.

We have many psychopaths on road that drive in the opposite direction and recklessly. Car navigation is the steering wheel, break, accelerator,or the clutch if its a manual one. But a plane control is much more compact such as control stick, rudders, thrust lever, engine or propeller parameters display.Many factors will be hugely effected in terms of aerodynamics, controls, pressurisation and weather . Your ground speed is not your true air speed.

If these cars are invented for the public use, it is going to be 10x more dangerous especially in congested cities. Could you imagine a flying car in KL Pudu road. It is going to be a chaos up there.

So you will be assessed by JPJ and CAAM. Wow thats cool and double the pressure. But you dont honk and raise up your hand while flying.

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