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Uniform ON!

by Visnu


We boarded AirAsia Flight AK6203 Langkawi at about 10.00 and reached earlier than scheduled time. There at the airport Mr Ismail (Warden) was waiting for us at the exit for us to be sent to the school.

As soon as we reached the school all of us reported except one of our batchmate “Danial”. As he came with his parents. Then we were briefed by Mr Ismail on what to do’s and dont’s and all of us went back to sleep. It was a pretty short day for all of us.

The rooms were really comfy with air conditioned and the toilets were equipped with heaters. My room is at Block D No103 (D103)


The next day ( Friday), we attended the morning parade and also witnessed a scene where one of the cadets smiled during the morning parade and got scolded by CTKI Capt Rana. After that we were briefed by Capt Rana and followed by few motivational talks. After that we were allowed to rest in rooms.


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